At BAM Specialist Cars, we take a different approach to warranties. It's our ethos that we want our customers to be delighted with their buying experience and for that to continue long after the car has been driven away from our showroom.

Therefore, our warranties are designed accordingly. We know how stressful it can be to deal with a faceless insurance companies and third-party warranty company, so to ensure absolute client satisfaction - we deal with it ourselves. We stand by the quality of the vehicles we sell, no matter whether that is a classic or a modern supercar - or anything in between.

We provide a fully comprehensive drive away warranty, fully documented and legally supported for your peace of mind.

The claims* procedure is simple. If it's broke, we fix it. In the unfortunate circumstance a problem arises with your vehicle, we ask you to let us know the nature of the fault as early as possible and we will mutually arrange the best course of action. Typically, we will arrange for diagnosis locally to you and repair where possible. Where a local repair is not possible, for example - when we believe using the services of a specialist is in the best interest of the car; it may be necessary to return the vehicle back to us, where we will arrange the repair and speedy return.

Our philosophy is simple: We want you enjoy your new vehicle purchase, so we look to resolve problems, not find reasons to avoid them.

*subject to warranty criteria